About the Program

Passion drives non-profit organizations, but unique challenges can block the road to success. 

  • Recruiting effective boards
  • Attracting and retaining staff and volunteers
  • Managing operations and delivering projects

Managing these responsibilities can be challenging, especially on a tight budget.

LearnSphere developed Training for the Non-Profit Sector to help you improve the way you run your non-profit organization.

Experienced project managers

The program follows the model LearnSphere has used since 2000 in our highly successful ProfitLearn small business training program: We seek out expert facilitators to develop and deliver best-in-class learning content, then work with community partners to host in-classroom workshops where and when they are most needed.

Accessible to non-profits

Non-profit organizations do not have the time or resources for lengthy, expensive training.

Training for the Non-Profit Sector offers practical, hands-on workshops in half-day or full-day sessions, as well as online training, all at an affordable rate.

LearnSphere’s Training for the Non-Profit Sector program online workshops are being provided at a discounted rate, through funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Province of New Brunswick.